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Drafone Autoparts Co., Ltd.
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About Us Drafone Brake Pad Production Line is known for dear quality and value for money . Over the years , we have helped many customers around the world whether starting a newfangled brake pad plant or expanding current production capacity.For customers starting a New plant , we offer arrant production line including installation support , operation training and semipermanent consultation . We can likewise provide assorted friction powder , brake pad mould , fundamentally everything to get our customer started from scratch.For customer expanding current capacity , we offer operable equipment customized to customer needs , ensure unseamed connection with early equipment in the production line . We likewise offer our customer with production line design consultation.Many of our engineers have worked in brake pad manufacturer for more than 10 years , hence non just we know our machines , we likewise know how our machine can better serve our brake pad manufacture customers . We understand the problem ordinarily faced by our customer and cardinal points that they care about.Over the years , we have helped many customers around the world with brake pad production , covering both passenger car and commercial-grade vehicle brake pad production . We are known for our services . We have many successful stories to share with you and we wish you are one of them or become one shortly .
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