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Personal transporter vehicles Airwheel Electric Unicycle mini one wheel segway

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Shenzhen Xian Hu Technology Co. Ltd.

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Personal transporter vehicles Airwheel Electric Unicycle mini one wheel segway





1. Can beLeasing for customer and holiday party

2. Take aTour for yourself and family.

3. Security Guard can patrol with the gear.

4. It does not require gasoline, can drive 20-40 kilometers. 

5. Don't  worry about the traffic jam, Because it will change your life. Which is the most smart and small transporter in the world.






2  No longer afraid of traffic jam, saving you time and energy

3. Hands free

4. excellent climbing ability with powered lithium cell and high efficient motor

5. Environmentally friendly and ECO free

6. Concave type switch, avoid mistake touch,more safer.

7, G3 is the cheapest price model that make it popular.


Battery capacity:132WH-264WH(Depending on the edition)


Certification:CE,RoHS, FCC,MSDS





Pls comfirm the following question before make order:

Size,voltage,speed requirements

Rich colour can choose

Battery is optional


G3 electric unicycle was the most cheapest one of the e-unicycle industry.It designed to be lightweight and convenient gear to every body to avoid traffic jam . You can bring it into every place you want,like metro station, plaza, bus stop,coffee shop etc. you can pick it up when you get to stairs. Folding up the foot pedal, it takes a little space when you store it in your home or vehicle like car trunk.


As G3 is the most cheapest one of  all the unicycle,that had lead it to the most popular model of  the unicycle field.(one of the most economic self balcancing scooter).So when you ride on G3 to take a tour for short distances and replace the vehicle like your car, then, you are doing such a eco friendly green job to save the world. Because it need no gas or any pollution.It’s totally green product and very smart looking for every body even a teenage to using it.


In the recent science research that prove the G serious has a function to improve human health and spirit. Because when riding on it you twist your body and make turn of corner by your legs, so that I will help you to keep fit body shape by losing weight instead of sitting on the annoying bus or traffic jam.







Battery Capacity

132wh or 172wh Lithium(protection board with SOC Equalization)

Running Distance

20KM(battery:132wh) 27KM(battery:172wh)

Charging Time

80% charged in 45 mins,100% charged in 90mins;

Product size




Charge Voltage input voltage

AC 110V-240V,suitable for world wide

Battery brand

Lithium powered

Battery Pack Voltage







16-18km/h( alert on when exceeding 12km/h)

Max loading


Safety Measures

Tilting Protection:45°side-to-side on average(motor stops when tilting over 45°)

Speed Limited Protection: Activated over 12/h(front part o f pedal will rise to prevent further acceleration)

Low Battery Protection: Activated on 10% power battery(front part of pedal will rise to decelerate till fully stop

Packing List

Accessory: 1pcs Charger ,Training wheel x2, user manualx1

Carton size:48cm*28cm*60cm,Gross weight:13KG



How to Place Order (Payment)


Sample payment ,T / T or Western union. 100% pay in advance before shipping.

Please contact with our sales for quotation,after we received your payment,we will ship it out by Air or Sea.



OEM Service


Please contact us for detail


Place of Origin:


Brand Name:






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