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Ningbo Loyal Lighting & Meter Co.,Ltd.
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About Us Having been established for 20 years , Ningbo Loyal Lighting & Meter Co. , Ltd. has three amply owned factories . We are principally engaged in developing and manufacturing solar lights , solar traffic signs , solar water heaters , solar systems and gauges of fire extinguishers . We have all an all-round scientific and research center possessing upper-level techniques . We are endlessly developing more and more New full-function products to cater for the changing market demands . The precise and prescriptive technology , advanced inspection facilities and ISO9001 compliant quality management system powerfully guarantee the quality of our products so that they can meet the demands from dissimilar customers . Up to nowadays , our products have been sold to Europe , Africa , Australia , the USA and Asia . If you are concerned in any of our products , Ningbo Loyal Lighting & Meter Co. , Ltd. is looking frontwards to becoming your supplier in the cheeseparing future .
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