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Guangzhou Fuyang Shelves Co., Ltd.
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About Us FUYANG SHELF Co. , LTD is a professional manufacturing corporation owning all-around technology and innovative equipment . Our company was establish in Beijing .Based on the spirit of"honesty"and after years ofGrowing in strength , we have set up many branches company in some of the Areas.The chief products are:1.Warehouse shelves series : lightsome storage shelf , Medium storage shelf , Heavy-duty rack , Mezzaninestorage , Universal type steel frame , Multi-tier shelf2.Supermarket shelves series : Mesh backed supermarket shelf , Glass supermarket shelf , Metal-backedSupermarket shelf , MDF backed supermarket shelf3.Exhibition shelves seriesBaibian shelf , Aluminium exhibition shelf , Wooden exhibition shelf , Glassexhibition shelf4.Fittings seriesSales Stand , Shopping trolleys , Shopping baskets , Basket stacker , CheckoutCounter , POS , Promotion basket , Plastic/steel pallet 5.Display shelves seriesHardware tool shelf , Glass display shelf , Stainless steel/chrome shelf , Xdisplay shelf , Mesh display shelf6.CD-book shelves seriesCD shelf , New design book shelf , Folding-type pamphlet stand , Videoshelf , Wire CD display7.Accessories seriesSingle hooks , Chorme plated hooks , Others accessories and so on.Fuyang people have been carrying our the principle of `` Surviving byquality , developing by integrity". `` Genuine antique `` is the slogan ofthe FUYANG people . When you shook your hands with the FUYANG people , which indicates we will be friends incessantly . We truly lookingforward to your coming and we can work unitedly for a rough-cut purposeto build a better future .
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