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ROHS CE Portable 12V Car Battery Jump Starter Hand Warmer Red LED

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ROHS CE Portable 12V Car Battery Jump Starter Hand Warmer Red LED



Product Description:

Dealing with a dead battery is never fun. You get to your car expecting the engine to crank up right away and...nothing. Time to call AAA or flag down a another driver with jumper cables.


If your car has a history of draining the battery while parked, you may have invested in a portable jump starter. These things, basically a car battery in a plastic casing, weigh a ton and are too big for easy storage in most cars. And you need to lug them out every few months and plug them into a wall outlet.


Now, a new class of jump starter has emerged, one portable enough that you can carry it and easily stash it in your car. These new jump starters, relying on new batteries, are conveniently sized, and usually come with USB ports to keep your other electronics charged in the wild.


Convenient and Powerful, combines a battery charger, a car jump starter and a LED flashlight, SOS, warmer altogether into one compact design that you can easily fit into the drink holder of your car.

Super high capacity 12000mAh Power Bank offers super fast charge output through 4 USB ports (5V-2.1A/1A and 5V-1A/1.5A) allow for simultaneous charging of your iPad, iPhone, Android, and more at high speed. Jump Start Your Vehicle Without All the Hassle - Comes with a jumper cable cord that easily plugs into the battery booster.


You should get it, Your gadgets (and vehicle) will thank you! 


Charge up time 
3 hours can fully charged PCC2014 via 2A 
Battery capacity :  4,000 mAh / 3.7Vx3 = 12,000 mAh
Lifespan 500+ charge cycles
Input Max 2A/12V
Charging time 2.5-3 hours (under the car start condition)
Output current Max = 5A / 5V (total output via 4 USBs simultaneously)
Output time

1.5 hours (Under max output current

                 in an independent work mode)  

Car Jump Start Current 120A (12V Jump Start)
LED Lifespan 100,000 hours (0.2W LED * 15 = 3W)
Measures  69 x 154.7mm
Weight 615g
Package window box
Accessories 1 x car jump starter, 1 x power supply clip cable, 1 x cable,
Customlization OEM are most welcome
Certification CE RoHs FCC
Specifications----car jump starter 
So powerful(12000mAh), it can even jump start you car for 20 times 
Temperature 40-45 degree
Warm for 

About 8 hours---- at room temperature of 25 degree Celsius

3 modes of flashlight high, strobe and SOS
Illumination for high 13 hours
Illumination for strobe 25 hours
Over-charge, over-discharge, short-circuit, over-heat protection 


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