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RS485 Computer Control Automatic Vehicle Barrier Folding Boom Heavy Duty Motor

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RS485 Computer Control Automatic Vehicle Barrier Folding Boom Heavy Duty Motor

RS485 Computer Control Automatic Vehicle Barrier Folding Boom Heavy Duty Motor


Traffic access control for parking lots, toll gate, goods yard, railway crossing, commercial premise, apartment block access and so on.


Car Park barrier:
1.automatic and Intelligent
2.silent,heavy duty,steady, durable
3.vehicle or pedestrian control


Easy installation and maintenance reduces your labor cost

Simple structure and no limit switch design ensures easy installation and maintenance which reduces your labor cost

Heavy-duty and simple-design housing

The housing adopts 2mm precise machining cold-rolled plate and static electricity sprayed anti-UV surface which is non-scale and unfading in 5 years, conformed to the IP54 dustproof and waterproof, Simple design also decorates your premises

Anti-collision protects boom arm (optional)

Anti-collision mechanism will protects the boom arm not to be damaged once boom arm was collided by a vehicle.

Safety--- Anti-hit by Loop Detector (Optional)

While barrier boom moving down, If a coming vehicle was detected to be existing on the ground induction coil, the arm will go back to vertical position immediately until loop input was dismissed and then the arm will go down immediately.

Safety--- Anti-hit by IR photocell (Optional)

While arm moving down, If infrared transportation between transmitter and receiver is blocked by human or vehicle, the arm will go back to vertical position immediately. The arm will automatically close once the infrared transportation recovers.

Automatically close after the given time

Once this function is set “ON”, the barrier will automatically close after given time (1-90 seconds adjustable) if there is no vehicle passed after barrier open.

Automatically Close by loop detector (Optional)

If loop detector is installed, after vehicle passed the barrier will automatically close once the loop input was triggered

Automatically open by loop detector (Optional)

If loop detector is installed, when barrier boom is in horizontal position, the barrier boom will go up immediately once the loop input was triggered

Manually control in case of no power

Once power is off, just open the cabinet and manually control the barrier by a gear mechanism. Also barrier boom can be manually locked in any position between horizontal and vertical, the lock status will remain until unlock manually


Working Temperature-35℃~+60℃
Voltage220V±10%, 110V±10%, 50/60HZ
Rated power80W
Relative humidity≤90%
Remote control distance≥30m
Max boom length5meters
Remote Control100m in the open place

Selection of spring table:

Boom TypeBoom Length(M)Spring Selection
Straight boom6M≥L>5MΦ5.5MM+Φ4.5MM
Straight Boom With Rubber6M≥L>5MΦ6.5MM+Φ4.5MM

Folding boom


Fence Boom

Two Fence5m≥L>4MΦ6.5MM+Φ4.5MM
Three Fence4m≥L>3MΦ4.5MM+Φ4.5MM

Selection of spring.

Spring typeDiameterSpring Length
Small size4.5MM280MM
Medium size5.5MM280MM
Big size6.5MM280MM


1)Keep the barrier gate clean.

2)Check the joints every month in case of any loose parts.

3)Check the spring elasticity after barrier gate running 30,000times

4)Check the easily worn-out parts(like spring,limit switch)every half year and renew it.

5)Remote control distance will be shortened or not work in cases like big object screening, battery run out.extreme weathers.


1. Drive Motor is warranted against manufacturer’s defect for lifetime
2. Standard warranty for all components is valid for12 months from the date of delivery
3. This warranty does not include damages caused by:
a. Wear and Tear
b. Theft
c. Accidents
d. Act of God & Natural Disaster
e. Unstable power supply (i.e. inconsistent voltage or lightning)


1. When barrier finish closing, why does the arm open itself slowly?

the spring is too tight, you need release the spring a little, then test it again.see whether the main crank touch the triangle tightly or not, if tightly, adjust it.reset the balance position and the electrical limit switch.

2. Why does the controller panel operate with "Di Di Di" abnormal noises?

As for this, it means the resistance on controller board is broken, if you have professional tools to check,then replace that broken resistance, if not, replace that controller panel.

3. Why does the barrier finish half operation of opening and closing?

If uses our controller panel, you only need to find resistance R37 on controller panel, and repalce it is ok.

4. When barrier closed, why is there a 5 degree angle of inclination?

the model is not good, and the gear doesn't fit each other tightly.the barrier didn't adjust well, need to reset.

5. When barrier finish open, but it closes itself without any order control, what's the problem?

To check the loop cable first, because the loop cable maybe brokemTo check the motor sensor, if it is not set well, then reset it in the middle between two holes on sensor rod.

6. Why does the arm wave a lot when opening and closing?

The spring is very tightThe Screw touches the rubber absorption tightly, need to reset again.

7. Rubber linning installation suggestion:

It is good use for fast speed, like 0.6s, 1s, 1.8s and 3s.The place with many vehicles come and go, like shopping center, carpark area.

8. Can you accept OEM/ODM order?

Absolutely, we are manufacturer of barrier gate, with 7 years researching and developing experience.

Contact us for pricelist and catalog:

Sarah lee
Whatsapp:+86 13751381783

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Quality RS485 Computer Control Automatic Vehicle Barrier Folding Boom Heavy Duty Motor for sale

RS485 Computer Control Automatic Vehicle Barrier Folding Boom Heavy Duty Motor


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