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Dongguan Ruipor Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
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About Us Welcome to Dongguan Ruipor Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd , we have been dedicated network cabling and home automation system producs R & D , produce and sales of the distinctive hi-tech export enterprise . the product categories and professional field Diversified is our characteristics , Rich experience and efficiency of R & D team is based on our network cabling and home automation system develop advantage , it is besides the warm development of customer support . In late years , we have been actively developed the domesticated market , and be based on the hi-tech R & D of the attitude to produce potent function , eminent quality , modest price and popularization of the products , We will continue to develop towards the related products , to enrich our product line , so customers do more and better choice . Following Ruipor electronic technology Co. , LTD , product sales throughout the world , our technolgy teams can succeed solve versatile emergencies . Through the elaborate test and choice . Ensure customer in gamey quality conditions , market benefit maximization . When we entered WTO , we welcome the semipermanent relationship and novel business with likely customers . Develop OEM/ODM partners are our goals , we hope can have various applications and resources in unlike antenna field , in line with the principle of expert faith , creating win-win , better for the customer provides the best OEM/ODM service .
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