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Qingdao Baoxin Machinery Co.,Ltd
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About Us Our HistoryQingdao Baoxin Machinery Co. , Ltd . has focused on gamy quality metal fabrication , Website : http : //www.baoxinmachinery.com , steel fence , laser processing , powder coating and painting products for over 15 years in Qingdao , China.We started as a belittled operation , but nowadays have grow up one of the biggest metal fabrication supplier in Qingdao , China.We are today offering the undermentioned service and products : metal fabrication , metal plate , steel fence , track industry cabinet , telecommunication cabinet , laser processing , powder coating and painting.Our FactoryQingdao Baoxin Machinery Co. , Ltd . is located in the beautiful coastal city of Shandong in Qingdao,10km off from Qingdao International airport.The factory covers 15000 satisfying meters , and with the experient workers more than 100.Annual sales above $ 5 million.Our company committed to providing high-pitched quality products to customer.Our ProductQingdao Baoxin Machinery Co. , Ltd . products includes the following:1.Telecommunication industry products , network cabinet , control cabinets , powder coating oven cover , baseplate and panel.2.Track Industry , exhaust hood , refuse box , capacity box , battery cabinet , water tanks3.Steel fence , galvanized steel fence , painting fence.4.Laser processingPowder coating and paintingProduct ApplicationOur product are wide used in the next industry:1.Logistic instrument2.Construction3.Auto industryLivestock husbandryProduction EquipmentWe are open produce 1000 tons of metal fabrication , steel structure , steel fence and powder coating products per month.Our production equipment including:1.Plate shears 15 sets2.Press machine 5 sets3.Bending machine 5 sets4.Laser cutting machine 1 sets5.Plasma cutting machine 1 sets6.Numerical Control Punch 2 sets7.Powder coating line 1 sets8.Puncher machine 5 setsArc welder 25 sets
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