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Suzhou Noah Electirc Bicycles Co.,Ltd
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About Us Suzhou Noah Electric Bicycles Co. , Ltd , specializes in the development of electronic bicycle and central part of the lithium battery , have already invented the lightest `` Portable electrical bicycles `` in the world , the unscathed world is it rely on body swing `` Hi-magnetism Power bicycles `` urged to come to initiate . There are no stator `` Wheel hub motor `` ,"Disc type motor `` ,"Light actuation plan `` . Our speciality offers the patented technology for bicycle trade to export , have already produced `` Portable galvanizing bicycles `` by cooperating with letter tremendous industry or business special Company of Shenzhen . Cooperate with Jiang SUAitefu Group Company , invest in the production of 158 million to produced"Hi-magnetism Power bicycles".We should develop into the most professional research and development organization in trades of the planetary electrical bicycles . Let us truly cooperate , protects the unripened Earth unitedly .
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